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Welcome to Eugene Energy Medicine and thank you for visiting.

Energy Medicine is a broad and diverse field that draws on many different modalities to facilitate the movement of energy in the body. Energy work enhances the natural healing process of the body by treating the whole human energy field. It explores the complexities of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of the client. The practice of Energy Medicine has existed in varying traditions for thousands of years. It is used for many purposes: to treat and prevent illness, relieve pain, increase energy, restore optimism, release toxins, reduce stress, alleviate depression and anxiety, improve mental clarity, and promote an overall sense of well-being. An Energy Intuitive facilitates healing by clearing stagnant and dense energy, and by rebalancing the subtle energy fields to promote cellular healing. A skilled facilitator is expert at bearing witness to the body and allowing it, in its infinite wisdom, to heal itself. Eugene Energy Medicine seeks always to work towards the client’s highest good by restoring harmony, balance, and freedom.