434 Charnelton Street, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401

photo of Susan Tate

At Eugene Energy Medicine (EEM), Susan Tate uses a variety of different techniques to identify, assess, and treat blockages and imbalances on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The goal is to enhance the flow of energy in the body and to restore equilibrium and vitality. Susan’s practice employs her training in advanced Medical Intuition, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Spiritual Response Technique. The very act of defining Energy Medicine limits and constricts what is infinitely possible; but Susan brings to her practice a grounded presence, an ability to witness and read between the energetic lines, an ease with clearing energy blocks at their origins, and expertise as a health and well-being advocate. Susan also offers effective homework for transforming destructive behaviors and belief systems, and when necessary, exceptional referrals for more specific healing.

As an Energy Intuitive, Susan Tate has studied for many years with Marie Manuchehri, RN (energyintuitive.com). Susan’s course of training with Manuchehri included advanced training in Energetic Healing, Human Anatomy Related to Energy Medicine, Intuition, Care of Clients, and Self Awareness of the Healer. Susan is also an Advanced Spiritual Response Technique Practitioner (janharris.net/whatissrt.html) and has studied Quantum Physics and Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett (matrixenergetics.com). As a lifelong learner, she is most recently studied trauma release practices with Kathryn Hamilton-Cook and enjoys with workshops with Paul Selig. Susan is a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and is a Member of the International Association for Reiki Practitioners (iarp.org). Susan began her formal practice in Energy Medicine in 2005.

Susan learned the most about Energy Medicine through her own experience of healing. In 1992, after a near fatal year of illness, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus SLE. She spent the following 20 years immersed in studying and learning about complementary and holistic energy medicine in her own quest to heal herself. It is through her extensive personal experience with healing that Susan feels best able to guide others in clearing, healing and balancing their complex energy systems to bring their bodies, minds, and spirits back into balance and vitality.

Susan gained much of her knowledge of the physical and emotional bodies through a lifetime of study and performance in both dance and theatre. She spent almost a decade acting professionally in theatre and film near where she grew up, in Seattle, Washington. Exploring and developing characters taught Susan about the subtle complexity of our emotional and spiritual being; and it taught her how to get out of the way of herself to allow something surprising and different to emerge. In her practice of Energy Medicine, Susan has learned that this ability to “step out of the way” is a form of channeling, one that facilitates genuine change for her clients.

During her acting career, Susan began extensive training to teach Authentic Pilates, another rigorous practice devoted to mind-body awareness. She studied in New York City with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska and apprenticed and taught in Seattle with Dorothee VandeWalle (metropolitanpilates.com). Susan later opened and shared a thriving Pilates Studio in Eugene, Oregon before entering into the field of Energy Medicine. Teaching Pilates and working one-on-one with clients on the mind-body connection proved to be an excellent transition into the study of the subtle complexities of the subtle body.