434 Charnelton Street, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401

Sessions and Fees

Since 2020 Susan moved her practice fully to remote sessions, working by phone (or zoom if a client prefers). Susan will continue to work remotely as her primary practice, and she recently decided to open up a few office visits for those clients who are missing an in-office experience. Please note these appointments have higher fees than remote sessions and the appointments are not as readily available. To make an appointment for either remote or in person, please feel free to email susan@eugeneenergymedicine.com or call 541-954-9296. Thank you for your interest in energy work and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Remote Session:
First Session:
2 hours: $235 (if we don't use the full 2 hours, I only bill for time spent)
Follow Up Sessions:
60 minutes: $125 / 90 minutes: $185 / 120 minutes: $235

For a remote session, please be in a quiet place where you can stretch out if you choose to and I will call you (or zoom) at the appointed time. It is ideal to have a glass of water or tea, an eye pillow or scarf, and a warm blanket. We will talk initially anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, I will later have you recline for part of the session, and then a return to sharing and next steps.

In Office Session:
First Session:
2 hours $300
Follow Up Session:
90 minutes: $225 / 2 hours: $300