434 Charnelton Street, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401

     "Susan delights in her work allowing individuals the comfort of full disclosure, as they expand their awareness into true consciousness."

Marie Manuchehri, RN, Author of Intuitive Self-Healing

     "Susan is a healer of a rare kind. Able to connect in mind, body, soul, and heart she exemplifies deep and genuine compassion coupled with great humor and groundedness. The sessions I have had with Susan have been some of the most important spiritual experiences of my life and the shifts that have occurred under her gentle and loving care have echoed for years afterward. Susan cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the matter facilitating what you need to release and repair in order to invite more joy and freedom into your life. There is no way to measure the sweetness of who she is and the magnitude of her incredible gifts."

Cynthia Healey, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

     "It is hard to find words to describe the level of gratitude I have for Susan Tate as a healer and human being. I went to see her on a whim based on a friend's recommendation, and the first session with her forever changed my life. She introduced me to myself in a way I never imaged possible, and continues to do so in every session I have with her. Her compassionate spirit, strong presence, intrinsic intuition, and inspiring nature bring the use of her multi-faceted modalities to life. We are fortunate to have an Energy Intuitive in our community who has the knowledge, skill, and ability to truly heal the mind, body, and spirit. Susan Tate is that person; a talented selfless servant who deepens emotional and physical healing and inspires the greatest human potential."

Alison Lewis, Training and Development Consultant, Eugene, OR

     "Two years ago I had surgery for melanoma on my ankle. It was major surgery that included a skin graft. I did exactly as I was told and after two weeks I found out the graft was failing. I had a major infection and I was told by the doctor I would have to have another surgery! While I was on antibiotics, I went to Susan for energy work. A week later I noticed a change in my ankle and when I returned to the doctor, he was amazed at what he was seeing. No surgery was needed. Infection was gone and the graft was in place. He could offer no explanation and all I had done was see Susan!"

Brenda Down, Teacher, Eugene, OR

     "It has been a tremendous joy to work with Susan. Her hands hold great healing and coupled with her presence and way of being, allow for an opportunity for holistic healing that can aid the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual. Susan goes beyond bodywork and asks her clients to aid in their own healing, a participation that can be life changing."

Justin Overdevest, Eugene, OR

     "Susan is an amazing intuitive healer. With energetic prowess Susan was able to tap into a blockage for me that was over 20 years old. This opened a doorway to look in the mirror and see my path and the infinite possibilities in a whole new way. Susan is gifted and authentic in her approach, incorporating honesty and humor, inviting her clients into their divine truth."

Meg Haggerty, Energy Intuitive, Seattle, WA

     "I think you are so amazing at what you do and you offer so much more to your clients than I have experienced anywhere else. What you do is such a fantastic blend of compassion and healing and conscientiousness -- "spiritual cleanliness" is what comes to mind. I respect that there is such deep integrity in your work. If I could be any sort of a healer I would take your example as my model."

Frances O'Connor, RN, Portland, OR

     "Susan Tate changed my life for the better. For the best. The first time I saw her—each time since. Time with her has made me a better person."

Brendan Mahaney, Owner, Belly Restaurant

     "My first meeting with Susan Tate was extraordinary. Susan was able to clear and balance my energy system. I left with a feeling of lightness, bliss and serenity, which was amazing as I was going through a stressful and hectic time in my life. I left our first meeting with a sense of serenity and Susan gave me several insights and observations that I began to ponder. In subsequent meetings, Susan was able to provide perceptions and perform energy work that helped me work through many challenging issues and broaden my experiences. My ability to manage issues has improved with new perceptions and an expanded awareness. My life feels more positive and balanced. Susan has been an instrumental resource with respect to the growth and expansion of life that I have experienced."

Kerry, CPA, Eugene, OR

     "Susan always creates a loving, safe space and lifts masses of physical, mental and emotional cloudiness off of me. Each time I have a session I see myself as the strong, free, radiant being I am, fully empowered. She is a rare and great healer!"

Sandy Adler, Owner, Freedom Yoga, Eugene, OR

     "Walking into an energy worker’s practice for the first time can be unnerving. After all, they work with energy, something seemingly invisible---will they see or know something about me before I know it myself? Leaves one feeling a bit vulnerable and exposed. What I felt when I met and worked with Susan, was the incredibly safe, open, and inviting sacred space she has created. It was pure energy, radiant and loving. And it was Susan, her natural ability to foster and allow the “work” to happen through her. I have experienced energetic shifts as a result of Susan’s work that directly changed my response to relationships in my life as well as deepening my relationship with myself. Susan delivers her natural abilities as well as learned techniques both professionally and respectfully. But I am most grateful for her loving presence and radiant being."

Kathy Arbuckle, Eugene, OR

     "Susan uses her gift of exceptional intuition to help others believe in their own gifts, those they acknowledge and others they never knew they had. Susan's work helped me to become a better version of myself."

Ben Fogelson, Eugene, OR

     "My past had a hold on me and was consuming my happiness more then I understood until my marriage was crumbling. All of the grief and sadness I was carrying from childhood came banging at the door and I could no longer ignore. I'm so grateful I asked for help, Susan saved my life. Susan's healing method lifted the incredibly heavy baggage off my heart. One visit with her and I could literally feel my soul singing. A few more sessions and I can now say my life is truly being lived. Susan gave me an incredible gift. I feel content in spirit, marriage and home. If there is any question that your life isn't all that you desire do not hesitate to seek out Susan’s amazing transformative genius."

Gwen Martin, Spokane, Washington.

     "Susan is a beautiful being who’s joyous and loving presence connects easily with everyone she works with. Her purity of light is matched only by the expansion of consciousness experienced by her clients."

Travis Taylor, Seattle, WA

     "When I think of Susan, I think of her as my teacher. I can’t even begin to describe the magnitude of what she’s done for me. When I look back over the past six years and sort through all the changes and growth, I see Susan at the beginning of it all. Susan, with her intuitive capabilities, gave me insight into the core of my issues and helped me become the healthy person I am today."

Ashley Churchill

     "I've had the fortunate opportunity to work with Susan for the last 2 years and find her amazing! She truly listens and then works with you from a place of love and compassion. I highly recommend Susan for her ability to remove blocks and shift your energy as she is guided by her spot on intuition. She is a wonderful energy healer."

Laura - Bothell, WA