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Covid Adjustments

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am making date adjustments to my upcoming Mentorship Program. Beginning in October, I am offering a new online class since we are discouraged from meeting in person. My interim class will be for those interested in learning more about Energetic Anatomy, the Chakra system and doing personal exploration work during the semi and/or full quarantine period. This online course will begin in October of 2020 and go through May of 2021, for a total of 8 classes. Please see the details below.

My full Mentorship Program that also includes Reiki Training and Certification will begin September of 2021 and run through June 2022, assuming we are cleared to reunite in groups in a safe way. Please read all about it below the new class information. Thank you for your patience and flexibility!

New Online Offering!

Energetic Anatomy, Chakras and Personal Exploration

This class is a part of my Mentorship Program that I have developed for an online format. I have found this portion of my program to be wonderful to teach and experience online. We will journey through our own chakras and explore the energetic anatomy of organs, systems and structures as they relate to and inform each chakra. We will learn about the chakras in general as well as through our own life and body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We will also explore the auric fields and how they correlate with both the chakras and energetic anatomy.

As with all of my courses, we will in each class discuss energetic boundaries and how to ground self and spaces. I will lead meditations and guided visualizations as well as guide work. Here are the details:

Dates and Time

October 2020—May 2021 (8 Classes Total)
Approximately 2nd Saturday of each month, 12pm-3pm


$125 per class. $1,000 total. $100 discount if paid in full.


There is a simple application process. To begin that process please submit an email to me at susan@eugeneenergymedicine.com expressing your interest. I will send further instructions for the application.

Online Platform



Included is a full manual for the course that is emailed in Chapters each month. Other materials will be mailed before the first class. I will recommend supplemental books and workbooks to further deepen the process but these are all recommended and not required.

Personal Work

There is in depth personal work should you choose to do it. Since I am not certifying you, I don’t need to look at it. The personal work is strongly encouraged to get the most out of the course.


There are no certifications for this course but everyone will receive a Certificate of Completion detailing the subjects studied.


If I take this online course will it be repetitive if I later want to do the full Mentorship Program?

Yes and no. The Energetic Anatomy/Chakra work will be repetitive, yes, but the work is designed to do over and over again with the idea that you go deeper each time. Also, one could experience it more the first time around and then do the written work the second time around. There are many ways to approach this work. I personally repeat and go through this system each and every year and it’s different each time. So though this aspect will be repetitive, you will experience it very differently; and it is indeed designed to be reiterated.

If I do the written work in the online course, may I later use it to turn in for the Mentorship Program? Will it count later?


Is there a price reduction if I take both courses?

Yes. There is a $200 discount on the full Mentorship Program if you take both courses. And if you pay in full for the Mentorship Program, there is another $100 discount.

Thank you for reading about this new online offering and I am available to answer any questions or address your concerns. Please call me at 541-954-9296 or email me at susan@eugeneenergymedicine.com. I look forward to connecting and answering your questions or beginning your application process!

The Mentorship Program 2021-2022

The Mentorship Program is for people who are interested in expanding their own intuition and exploring the field of Energy Medicine, both personally and/or professionally. People who benefit most from this program are those looking to transcend that which is holding them back in life, whether it is a job, a relationship, a destructive behavior or thought pattern, a misalignment or block to life purpose. This process of aligning with one’s highest good, in a group dynamic, is a process full of grace that inevitably results in expanding one’s intuition.

As a Shaman and Reiki Master Teacher, Susan will be attuning students to the Reiki Mastery level and teaching both about the basics of Energy Medicine and, later, more advanced practices. These attunements will allow participants to have a common language and will provide a tool for working with energy systems both for oneself and for one’s partner or client. Later in the course, Susan will be teaching such subjects as:

  • Defining energetic boundaries
  • Tools for energy clearing
  • Medical intuition and intuitive anatomy
  • Health and wellbeing advocacy
  • Meditation and guided imagery
  • Introduction to Shamanism
  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Connecting and communicating with spirit guides
  • Self healing
  • Self care of the practitioner

The Mentorship Program meets once a month for 10 months, from 12-5pm on a Saturday of each month, beginning on September 12, 2021 and finishing June of 2022. The cost is $1,950.00 for the year. If paid in full by check on or before the first class in September, you will receive a $100 discount. Upon completion of all course requirements, this exchange includes all certifications (Reiki Master and EEM Mentorship Certification), all materials and manuals provided by EEM, as well as nourishing food during the class.

Note: Susan will be out of the office, and unavailable, June and July of 2020. Please reach out before June or in August to apply.

If you have never worked with Susan before (strongly recommended for your own information), an interview will follow an open application. Thank you so very much for your interest.

Please feel free to email with your interest, inquiries and questions, or to request an application at susan@eugeneenergymedicine.com, or call Eugene Energy Medicine at 541-954-9296.

Eugene Energy Medicine, LLC prefers payments made in check (or cash) but does accept all major credit cards. Thank you for your support!